Our goal at Serafina is to build a better show dog. On the way we will breed a better pet dog. The purpose of every breeding is to improve the dog. That means breeding to improve coat, movement, attitude and structure. We are commited to doing this by using outcross and very little if any line breeding. We believe that many of the problems such as weak patellas, stifles, elbows, bad skin, bad temperment and fatal genetic disease can worsen or be caused by too much inbreeding.

We only keep a few Papillons at Serafina, because is not possible to take good, loving care of large numbers of dogs. When the dogs are no longer needed for breeding (3 to 6 years of age) we neuter them and place them in a pet home so they can enjoy the rest of their life while still young. We are able to keep a breeding program with lots of outcrosses due to my friends and partners who share their breeding lines with me. We are commited to excellence in Papillons. We think our show record reflects that. I found Papillons to be a wonderful breed. They are very playful, active, yet loving and sweet when held. They run and play for hours, but when you hold them they melt in your arms. I welcome interested folks to my house and kennel in Cotati to visit the Papillons. Once you meet them you will be smitten them as much as I was.

I retire females at the age of 4 to 7 years.

Two female Papillon for adoption. I have two adorable, sweet, quiet girls who are retired from showing and breeding available. Please contact me if you are able to give them a good loving home.

Cotoure is 5 years old. She is active and playful, but loves to be held. She is outgoing and would be good with older children or active adults. She is used to cats and likes to ride in the car. $450.

Tippy is seven years old and spayed. She is a bit shy, but very loving and sweet. A quiet home would be best for her. $350.

I am too sophisticated for silly dog games. But I love laps!


This is Oliver with a pom friendOliver lives in Sebastopol with his new owner.